Grenache Rose

Surry Reserve

Grenache Rose


Silver, American Wine Society Commercial Competition, 2013
Bronze , Dixie Classic Fair, 2013
Silver, Finger Lakes International Competition, 2013

Wine Notes

Dade in a Provence style, with fresh acidity, ripe fruit and an idea to show what Grenache can do in the Southeast. Vintage 2013, alcohol 12.7%, 0% Residual Sugar.

Tasting Notes

The wine begins with the classic rose color, pink and salmon combine for a beautiful rose. Distinct pear and peach aromas fill the glass, with distinct floral and citrus in the foreground. The wine is well balanced between its acidity and flavor. Matched with complexity the mouthfeel extends the aromas and lasts for over 10 seconds.

Recommended Pairings

Pair with soft cheeses like Goat, Feta, Rocchetta, Mahon, and Appenzeller. Goes perfect with any summer day or meal such as grilled chicken or Carolina bar-b-que.