Stainless Chardonnay

Surry Cellars

Stainless Chardonnay


Silver, Dixie Classic Fair, 2013
Bronze, Finger Lakes International, 2013

Wine Notes

Made with the intention to showcase the fruit, this wine boasts a small skin maceration with a 100% stainless steel fermentation at 55 degrees. This wine was immediately finished, and bottled to showcase the superior style. Vintage 2013, alcohol 11.9%, 0% Residual Sugar.

Tasting Notes

The wine begins with classic pale yellow color and tight viscosity. Immediately stainless aromas of lemon, pear, honeysuckle and citrus are introduced. The wine is based on its flinty palate and rounded mouthfeel. Mouthwatering acidity dominates the palate and directs the taster towards another sip.

Recommended Pairings

Pair with spicy foods such as Thai or Indian. Works best with fresh fish, shrimp or scallops. Try with Grilled chicken, avocados and mangos.